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What are the common uses of thermal paper

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What is thermal paper used for? What are the common uses? Let thermal paper have the disadvantage of being difficult to store. All kinds of data information in medical institutions are stored as far as Possible for at least 20 years. Why do medical institutions use thermal paper to print out ECG examinations? There are also many relatively expensive thermal papers, which can also be replaced by ordinary paper, but why thermal paper can still have such a variety of uses.

What is thermal paper used for? What are the common uses? There are many uses of thermal paper in daily life, but many people don't know it.

For example, when we purchase items in a large shopping mall, everyone will give you a receipt after paying at the Pos cash register. The milky white receipt paper is thermal paper. Industry professionals said: thermistor cash register paper, supermarket cash register paper.

In addition, we have ATM, ATM and ATM at financial institutions. After withdrawing cash, many people will print a receipt as a payment receipt. Receipts from financial institutions are also thermal paper, printed on both sides.

In addition, we ate in some high-end and low-end restaurants. When ordering, we also use thermal paper. The receipt of payment deducted by the restaurant is also a thermal paper.

The reason why thermal paper is used in many areas and in large quantities is because thermistor printers do not require ink, relatively less air pollution, have a long service life and are very easy to maintain.

The principle of thermal paper: a brief description is to apply thermal material on one side of the paper. Raw materials exPosed to high temperatures will turn black, and font styles, data, graphic designs, etc. will appear.

Main sales of thermal paper/Pos cash register: department stores, large and small shopping centers, financial institutions, hotel rooms, mobile Pos machines, restaurants, department store salespersons, hotel rooms, medical institutions, convenience store franchises, Tmall Shopping malls, movie coupons, bank ATM machines, etc.

At present, many medical institutions and medical institutions use more and more thermal paper.

For the inspection report forms of many medical institutions, many of them can be printed out with three-proof thermal paper, so that the inspection results can be seen clearly and accurately. There is also a small ticket paper, which is used for automatic queuing and number selection in medical institutions. The long queues and number sheets of other hospitals are all printed out on thermal paper. Thermal paper can be used as an automatic intelligent terminal to print out vouchers. In addition, in the electrocardiogram inspection industry, electrocardiograms made of thermal paper have long been used to inspect engineering drawings. ECG thermal paper has the advantages of flexible printing and faster printing speed.

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