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What are the clinical classifications of electrocardiograms

Time : 2021-12-24 Hits : 4

1. ECG paper-special thermal paper is used for ECG drawings, which are often used in ECG machines, defibrillators, exercise treadmills, ECG monitors, etc.

2. Fetal monitor paper-using special thermal paper, often used in different brands of fetal monitors, commonly used brands are Dongyi, Hewlett-Packard, Anke, Oxford, etc.

3. EEG paper-special processed paper is used for ECG drawings, which are often used for EEG, physiological recorders and evoked potentials.

4. Color inkjet, laser printing paper-special waterproof, matte or glossy coated paper, commonly used for computer workstation printing in electronic endoscopy, pathology, inspection, X-ray, ECT, B-ultrasound and other departments.

5. Video printing paper-use special glued thermal paper or glossy photo paper, record by chemical or thermal sublimation method, often used in B-ultrasound room or computer station of electronic endoscope.

6. Other types of recording paper-ECG drawings use white thermal paper of various specifications, which are often used in electrical audiometry, inspection, and ophthalmology optometry departments.

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