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What are the characteristics of computer printing paper receipts

Time : 2022-04-13 Hits : 9

Computer printing paper is usually used to print bills, invoices, delivery notes, etc., and is a type of paper used by most companies. So, do you know what are the characteristics of this computer printing paper ticket? Let's follow us to learn about it!

Computer printing paper receipts have the following three notable features, with holes on both sides, copying, and folding lines. These features have their very important role.

1. Why are there holes on both sides? The hole is used for positioning when printing with a needle type printer. The distance between the holes on both sides is 0.5 inches. According to this, the number of holes on one side/2 can be calculated to know the distance on one side. Because it is a hole for positioning, when there is a problem with the distance between the holes, it will cause paper jams.

2. The function of copying is based on the birth of coated paper, so there is no need for the previous copying paper to be placed under it to have a copying function. In the past, there was a kind of carbon paper, which was easy to get dirty when using it, and it had to be placed between the upper paper and the lower paper, and it had to be moved frequently. Later, the introduction of coated paper broke this situation. The great advantage of coated paper is that it will not stain hands, and it can be copied without other tools.

3. The appearance of the folding line saves time. When a document is printed out, the document can be gently separated from it along the tearing line.

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