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What are the advantages of blue grid thermal paper self-adhesive labels?

Time : 2022-05-20 Hits : 4

Blue grid thermal paper is actually a thermal paper self-adhesive label that uses blue grid backing paper. In addition to blue base paper, there are also white checkered paper, white thick backed paper and so on. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of blue thermal paper self-adhesive labels? details as follows:

Blue grid and white grid are common names for glassine paper, but the colors are different and have the following characteristics:

1. The paper has a uniform texture and strong light transmittance
The best [Glassine paper] has a dense and uniform surface, and has a particularly strong light transmittance, which is much better than traditional cellophane. Therefore, it is also deeply loved by people. It is often used as the raw material for bar code labels, tapes and other products, and is also suitable for round pressing or flat pressing die-cutting.

2. High temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance
Glassine paper has a unique feature, which is high temperature resistance, moisture resistance and oil resistance. This kind of paper is widely used as a packaging material in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and plays a role in waterproofing and oil-proofing. Different from ordinary paper, it has certain functional characteristics and can meet some high requirements of customers.

3. High strength inside the paper
Glassine paper is mainly used in medical products as a release paper for tapes and dressing products due to its high internal strength. The paper processed with this kind of paper is naturally strong enough and durable. To make it last longer, it can also be regarded as saving costs and improving cost performance.

So do you all understand? Please look forward to the next article to share the relevant knowledge!

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