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Tips for choosing computer printing paper

Time : 2022-09-09 Hits : 3

Computer printing paper is a commonly used paper type in our daily office. When we choose computer printing paper, how to choose a good computer printing paper and what factors to judge from are described below.

1. Cleanliness of computer printing paper
The whiter the paper, the better, because there are two types of printing paper: white paper and bleached paper. White paper prints better. The printing effect of dark paper is not as good as that of white paper, but we should choose white paper.

2. It is important to choose the appropriate printing paper for computer printing. It does not mean that the larger the weight of the printing paper, the better. The weight of computer printing paper shall be selected appropriately.

Precautions for using computer printing paper:

Needle printer is the supporting equipment of computer printing paper. Before using your printer, please read its product manual and operation manual carefully to understand its internal structure, operating performance, application scope, operating procedures and control requirements, so as to use it correctly.

Computer printing paper also has both sides. In order to ensure the printing quality, it is necessary to print on the front of the computer paper. Judgment method: the front surface of single-layer computer printed paper is smooth, and the fold line and tear line are concave. The front surface of multi-layer computer printed paper is concave. At the same time, when using multi-layer computer paper, be careful not to turn the paper upside down, otherwise the color will not develop.

When printing multi-layer computer print paper, please select normal print file. If there are no special requirements, please try to avoid high-speed printing to ensure that the printed words are clear. When tearing off the printed computer printing paper, fold it along the tearing edge or use the paper tearing knife on the printer, and pay attention to uniform application to avoid jamming the machine due to uneven paper tearing. When placing the computer printing paper, be sure to pay attention to whether the paper feeding position is correct, whether the paper is aligned and parallel with the tractor, whether the paper is flat after being put into the tractor, and whether the paper edge is clean and flat, so as to facilitate the smooth paper feeding and prevent the paper from getting stuck in the tractor or the paper feeding slot.

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