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Three-proof self-adhesive labels lead shipping labels into a new era

Time : 2022-11-01 Hits : 8

As the so-called e-commerce logistics is a new type of business operation mode based on the application of Internet technology, it is committed to creatively promoting the future development of the logistics industry. As an indispensable tool label in the whole process of e-commerce logistics, e-commerce shipping labels can be divided into basic functions, and generally can be divided into three types.

First of all, some information content will be used in the whole process, such as packaging labels, thermal labels, coated paper labels or traditional carbonless paper labels attached to the packaging. These labels are mainly For finding or finding information content, and record it in the whole process of document or logistics transportation. Essential, the second category is warning labels. It is a common sticker used to warmly remind common precautions in logistics and transportation, such as stickers marked "fragile" and "caution". Such labels are usually coated paper labels. The third type is special purpose labels, such as VOID labels with special basic functions, such as anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-foaming cotton labels, peeling, etc., as well as actual image labels developed abroad. The freight logistics label introduced in this article has the advantages of high safety performance, high efficiency, easy management and convenient actual operation.

Thermal labels have already been used in the e-commerce logistics industry, such as conventional two-layer thermal labels. However, these types of labels basically cannot convey the primary order details, mainly warning labels. In recent years, because the three-proof thermal paper label can replace carbonless copy paper, its advantages have been gradually confirmed. On the other hand, the reason for the rapid future development is that you can print all the necessary information content at once on the same thermal paper. Compared to carbonless paper labels, this type of foam further increases efficiency and simplifies handling and storage. its cost advantage. In addition, the whole process of printing multi-page traditional carbonless copy paper is more complicated, and the whole process of printing three-proof thermal paper freight shipping labels is also easier.

Although the use rate of this type of labeling in the e-commerce logistics labeling market has always been low so far, in the era of online shopping, the application trend of three-proof thermal paper labels has long been obvious.

I believe that many express delivery workers will worry about a problem that the face sheet is eroded and unrecognizable and cannot be scanned? The face sheet is not firmly pasted, lost it? Don't worry, the three-proof thermal printing paper label sticker will solve all your troubles!

Three kinds of heat-proof paper stickers specially used in the logistics industry have the functions of waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. Vital information content is recorded on the panel and will not be affected by the environment. Three kinds of thermal printing-proof face paper: easy to tear off, the reverse side does not stick to the hand. Tape paper: Tape paper with glue on the back. Use glassine backing paper: self-adhesive label, good light transmission, used for bar code machine induction.

Let's see how the three-proof thermal paper self-adhesive label protects your goods:

After one month of sealing, the handwritten characters are not easy to be blurred, and the data information is not easy to change. The viscosity is doubled, the green environmental protection adhesive, the viscosity is one step, and the viscosity depends on it. The product is cut flat, easy to break, not easy to break and easy to carry.

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