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These places of computer printing paper need your attention

Time : 2022-03-14 Hits : 5

What precautions should be taken when using computer printing paper? When placing the paper on the computer, be sure to pay attention to whether the feeding position is appropriate and whether it is aligned and parallel to the tractor. Paper is jammed in the tractor or in the paper feed slot.

1. A dot matrix printer is an auxiliary machine that uses computer printing paper. Before using your printer, please read its product manual and operation manual carefully to understand its internal structure, performance, scope of application, operating procedures, control requirements, etc. , for proper use.

2. Computer printing paper has advantages and disadvantages. To ensure print quality, it is necessary to ensure that the front side of the computer paper is printed. Method: The front of the single-layer computer printing paper is smooth, the fold lines and tear lines are concave, and the first page of the multi-layer computer printing paper is concave. At the same time, when using multi-layer computer paper, be careful not to turn the paper upside down, otherwise it will not develop color.

3. Dot matrix printers can also be used to print on a single sheet of copy paper. Generally, there is a lever on the machine to adjust and distinguish single copy paper printing and computer paper continuous printing. After the machine is started, please make the corresponding differential adjustment according to your usage requirements. The paper feed lever for multi-layer computer paper should be adjusted to the continuous printing position.

4. Because the number of layers of multi-layer computer paper is different, the total thickness of several layers of paper is also different. When printing, you should select the strength adjustment lever that matches the gear position, so as to avoid the print head being too close or too far from the paper, resulting in unclear color or jamming. The specific scale is marked on the machine. Remember to turn off the printer power and open the dust cover before adjustment.

5. During the paper loading process, please press the fixed handle of the trailing gearbox first, then adjust the width of the trailing gearbox according to the width of the paper, and move it to a suitable position. Open the tine cover, put the first four holes of the computer paper into the tine of the tine, then close the tine box, move the tine box to flatten and lock the paper.

6. When placing computer paper, be sure to pay attention to whether the feeding position is appropriate and whether it is aligned and parallel to the tractor. After the paper is loaded into the tractor, it should be flat to ensure that the edge of the first sheet of paper is clean and flat, so that the paper can be fed smoothly and avoid the paper being stuck in the tractor or the paper feed slot.

7. When tearing the printed computer paper, it is best to fold it along the tearing edge or use the paper cutter on the printer, and pay attention to the even force to avoid paper jam caused by uneven tearing of the paper.

8. When printing multi-layer computer paper, please select the normal print file. If there are no special requirements, please try to avoid high-speed printing to ensure the legibility of the printed handwriting.

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