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Thermal sticker design, triple protection quality assurance

Time : 2022-11-01 Hits : 4

Thermal label paper is a kind of barcode label paper, which is usually attached to the product or packaging box. By scanning the barcode on the label paper, the specific information of the product can be obtained.

With the development of the e-commerce industry, the scope of application of thermal label paper is wider. I am engaged in cross-border e-commerce, and the products I operate often require thermal label paper, but some thermal label paper of poor quality, if Wet water or oil stains may damage the information on the label paper. Today, I recommend a good quality thermal label paper to you.

Withstand high temperature

Now that the weather is slowly getting hotter, some label paper of poor quality encounters high temperature, and the text on the paper can easily become blurred or disappear. The barcode is the ID card of the product. If the barcode disappears, it is easy to cause the loss of the product. This thermal label paper uses coating printing technology, the text edge is sharp, clear and long-lasting, not easy to fade, can withstand high temperature, even if exposed to the hot sun for several days, the text on the label is still clearly visible.

Multiple protection

The surface of this thermal label paper is coated with a protective coating, which is not easy to wear fonts. It has triple protection functions, which can be waterproof, oil-proof and scratch-proof. It is suitable for any product. The protective coating on the surface of the label paper can prevent external damage. It is very practical for some large cargo transportation, because the label will inevitably be worn during the handling and unloading process, and this three-proof thermal label paper can minimize the damage caused by friction.

Support customization

The thermal label paper of Guanhua Paper Factory is directly sent by the manufacturer, and supports customer customization and sticker design. Whether it is in the pharmaceutical industry, supermarket stores, service industry, or express logistics, a large number of label papers are needed, which can be customized according to the specific content of the product. Customize the required label paper. If the number of customizations is large, discounts are also available, and wholesale customization offers more discounts.

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