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Thermal paper manufacturers solve the common faults of supermarket cash registers for you

Time : 2022-04-19 Hits : 2

Supermarket cash registers, as the name suggests, are POS cash registers used in supermarkets or convenience stores. Because POS cash registers were introduced in China in the early years, the first test point was supermarkets. Over time, a new name for cash registers "supermarket" "Cash register" appeared, and now some users are accustomed to calling supermarket cash registers even if they are used in other businesses.

Guanwei, a manufacturer with 19 years of experience in the thermal paper industry, often receives feedback from many users who use cash registers. Most of them are inquiring about how to solve the problems of supermarket cash register products, and some users complain that they are being rejected by suppliers. It was deceived. After further summary, it was concluded that many faults occurred due to improper user operation. Next, I will introduce the common faults of supermarket cash registers in use.

Fault 1: The cash drawer has no power to eject

1. After a period of use, the friction may increase due to insufficient lubricating oil, so lubricating oil should be added;

2. The pulse width of opening the cash drawer is not enough (insufficient delay);

3. The spring or crank arm that pushes the cash drawer is not elastic enough.

Fault 2: The ribbon in the external printer of the supermarket cash register does not go away

1. Check whether the ribbon is correct;

2. Check whether the ribbon is stuck;

3. Check whether the printer is turned on.

Fault 3: The supermarket cash register printer does not output paper

1. When at work, the cash register printer suddenly does not output paper, the first is to check whether there is thermal cash register paper in the printer, if not, it can be replaced in time;

2. If there is cash register paper, when we are working, when we press the print, observe what will appear on the screen of the supermarket cash register software system. If there is nothing, there may be a problem with the printer or the circuit link of the cash register;

3. Check whether there is a paper jam in the printer of the supermarket cash register. If there is a paper jam, stop working immediately, and then repair the inside of the printer. If you can't fix it yourself, you must contact the supplier's technical staff in time to solve it according to their guidance. If it doesn't work, you can ask a technician to come to repair it;

4. Check whether the printer connection is normal, and check whether there is any fault inside the printer.

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