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Thermal Cash Register Paper: Why Is It A Necessity For Modern Business?

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 4

Thermal cash register paper is a very important commodity, which is used for transactions in modern commerce. As an efficient, convenient and sustainable technology, thermal cash register paper has become an indispensable item in business.


However, many people know little about this kind of paper. This article will delve into the manufacturing process, characteristics and usage scenarios of thermal cash register paper, showing readers the key role played by this small but powerful paper.

Production Process

Thermal cash register paper is manufactured using thermal paper technology. The roll paper is coated with a heat-sensitive coating, and then the high-temperature lamination technology is used to make it cross chemically react, and then the production of the thermal paper is completed.

Among them, "heat-sensitive coating" refers to a composite material composed of a heat-sensitive agent, an auxiliary agent, a fixing agent, and a substrate. Through a certain process, it can achieve the effect of rapid color change, so as to present the required functions.


In commercial transactions, thermal cash register paper plays a vital role as it can record sales information, pricing and promotional information, etc. These printed information are generated by POS machines and used in commercial occasions such as shopping malls and supermarkets.

There are many different types of thermal cash register paper in terms of performance, including ribbon thermal paper, direct thermal paper, and double-adhesive thermal paper. Among them, different types of thermal paper have their own characteristics and scope of application.

The process of producing thermal cash register paper can be simply divided into the following steps:

1. Substrate treatment: Roll the dust-free high white paper into a roll and process it through a coating machine. Spray a layer of heat-sensitive paint on the substrate, and then put it in a drying room to dry, making it a coated heat-sensitive base paper.

2. Coating heat-sensitive coating: The heat-sensitive base paper is coated by a coating machine. Specifically, the spraying equipment sprays the heat-sensitive coating evenly on the surface of the paper, and then dries.

3. Processing and cutting: After coating and drying, cut the thermal base paper into the required size. In addition, customized processing can also be carried out according to customer requirements, such as printing LOGO or text.

4. Packaging: For the final product, an automatic packaging machine is used for packaging. Generally speaking, standard packaging is one roll or two rolls, depending on customer needs and product size.

In short, the production process of heat-sensitive cash register paper needs to go through multiple processes, and has high requirements for equipment stability and material quality.

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