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There is a black bar on the receipt printing paper

Time : 2022-03-24 Hits : 6

Receipt printing paper is one of the common paper uses in our daily life. The printer can print out the specifications and schedules that we need. However, some customers reported that there is often a black bar on the receipt printing paper, thinking that it will have some effect. Above, this black bar has no effect, but because of the problem of the drum core of the printer, the editor will analyze it for you!

There is a black bar on the receipt printing paper

Reasons and Solutions for a Black Stripe on the Receipt Printing Paper
First:first check whether the contact of the photosensitive drum is in good contact, the exposed dot matrix of the photoconductor on the surface of the photosensitive drum is connected to the conductive base, and the charge is released through the conductive base of the photosensitive drum and the electrode paired to the ground.

Second:Check again whether the photosensitive drum scraper is lubricated (whether the shearing force is too large). There is a shearing angle between the cleaning blade and the photosensitive drum, and the shearing force on the photosensitive drum is very large. In order to have a good cleaning ability between the photosensitive drum and the scraper, and also need to have good lubrication without damaging the photosensitive drum, a layer of lubricating powder is applied to the blade edge of the scraper. When the friction of the lubricating powder disappears or the lubricating powder is wiped off when it is used for a long time, the scraper will form a large shearing resistance to the photosensitive drum, which will make the photosensitive drum run poorly and produce jitter (this phenomenon mostly occurs in the on the toner cartridge of the powder), the photosensitive drum will not rotate smoothly and malfunction. Therefore, special attention should be paid not to remove the lubricating powder on the scraper when cleaning or replacing the photosensitive drum. To eliminate this failure, only replace the scraper.

Third:There are many transmission gears in the printer. When the printer is used for a certain period of time, there is often a problem of no lubrication between the transmission gears and excessive wear, which makes the occlusal gap between the gears too large, causing instability in the transmission and jittering. It is also an important cause of horizontal black line failure. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the main drive gear meshed with the photosensitive drum, etc., and add some lubricating paste or lubricating oil to the gear. Fault.

Fourth:Another reason for the appearance of horizontal black lines is that the photosensitive drum is defective or incorrectly installed. When the photosensitive drum is defective (for example, there are pinholes), the horizontal black lines or smudges on the printed page are mostly regular. At this time, the toner cartridge can be taken out and checked carefully. If the photosensitive drum is indeed defective, the photosensitive drum should be replaced. . If there is no problem with the photosensitive drum, it may be caused by the improper installation of the photosensitive drum. When the photosensitive drum is not installed correctly, it will cause abnormal contact with the printing paper, uneven printing and black bars. At this time, the cover of the printer box should be opened, the photosensitive drum should be taken out, and the correct installation should be carried out again.

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