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The role of supermarket cashier receipts

Time : 2022-04-19 Hits : 6

When it comes to cash register receipts, everyone should know that when you go to the supermarket to buy things, you will always have cash register receipts. Don't throw away the cash register receipts. You can turn waste into treasure in your life. Let's take a look.

The first use can be used to issue invoices, which is very good. Sometimes we buy some items for the company. The company definitely needs formal invoices. You can only take the cashier receipt and go to the supermarket front desk to exchange the invoice, so that the company can reimburse the reimbursement, and at the same time, it can also deduct the tax for accounting, which is more convenient.

Second, the cashier slip can also be used to check the bill, which is convenient for us to do financial management at home. Why do you say that? Because the details of household expenses are very large, we directly accumulate the cashier receipts we buy from the supermarket every month to him, how much money is spent at home, and the expenses at home are clear at a glance, so that we no longer have to worry about money being spent everywhere.

The third purpose can be used for free parking. It is also very good. Usually, when we go shopping in large shopping malls, we definitely need to park. Parking is also charged for parking. The parking fee in some underground parking lots is calculated by the hour, and the price is very high. But if we buy a certain amount in the supermarket, we can enjoy free parking and other benefits with the cashier receipt, which is very good. When we drive out again, we can directly give the cashier receipt to the security guard, and we can enjoy benefits such as free parking.

Fourth, cashier receipts can be used to protect consumer rights. For example, when we go to large shopping malls to buy some small appliances, if we find that there is no electricity or there is a problem when we buy them home, we will definitely go to the supermarket to return and exchange the goods. There must be a cash register receipt to prove that we bought the item there. If the cash register receipt is thrown away, consumer rights protection will easily fail. If there is a cash register receipt, consumer rights protection will be successful.

The fifth use of cashier receipts can be used to redeem points. Today’s supermarkets are very good at doing business and use points to exchange to retain consumers. Every time we buy something in the supermarket, with the cashier receipts, we accumulate points to a certain amount. , exchange some coupons for free, directly reduce and exempt benefits when you buy something next time, and can also be used to exchange some daily necessities for free, without spending money to buy, it is also to save expenses in life, so don’t throw away the cashier receipt , throw it away and be picked up by someone else.

I really didn't expect the cashier receipt to be used correctly, and it can also help our family save money. Isn't it very practical? It can also help us consume and protect our rights, and everyone can use it. If you find it useful, don't forget to share it with your friends.

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