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The relationship between thermal paper printer and ink

Time : 2021-12-01 Hits : 10

Everyone knows that today's innovative technology is very prosperous, and more and more printers pay more attention to ecological protection and convenience. In some photocopies, ink is no longer used. I don’t know if everyone knows the thermal printer. Thermal printers are printers designed to print materials onto thermal paper. After all, does the thermal printer contain ink?

1. Does the thermal paper printer need ink?
Whether a thermal printer needs ink or not depends on its basic principle. So what is the basic principle of a thermal printer? Next, I will introduce it to everyone. Under normal circumstances, the print head of a thermal printer is equipped with a semiconductor material to heat the original. After the semiconductor material components are heated, the original semiconductor material will cause the thermal paper itself to form a chemical change after heating, thereby forming text and patterns, so this kind of popular printers do not use ink, and only need to be at a certain ambient temperature Just do it, high temperature will make it chemically change, the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the printing speed.

2. The advantages of thermal printers
(1) Compared with other printers, thermal printers are faster and have lower noise, and the printed text is very clear, and the operation process is very simple, so it is very convenient to apply.
(2) The text printed by the thermal printer can be stored on the thermal printing paper for a long time, and the storage time is longer in the shading environment.

However, thermal printers also have disadvantages. For example, thermal printers cannot directly print duplexes, but needle printing can print duplexes, and the printed text can be stored for a long time. In the past, thermal printers did not need to participate in ink. This is a new type of printer. It is created for special thermal printing paper. Only thermal printing paper can have such an effect. The general paper plate will not show such an effect. This is because the general paper does not have such an effect. Unlike thermal paper, which will cause chemical changes, now everyone only needs to memorize thermal printers without ink.

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