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The reason and solution of thermal paper printer can't print words

Time : 2022-09-23 Hits : 4

Because thermal paper printers have the advantages of fast printing speed, low noise, easy use and clear printing, many businesses in the catering industry have purchased thermal paper printers in stores.

Printers used in cash registers are generally divided into needle printers and thermal paper printers. Thermal paper printers are widely used in the market. They can print without ink cartridges. They only need high-temperature print heads to heat the thermal paper to form an image. The consumables and installation costs are low. However, stores that use the built-in thermal paper printing cash register machine say that sometimes the thermal paper printing cash register machine can not print words.

Why can't a small ticket be printed when the Bluetooth thermistor can print when it is heated? There are generally the following reasons why the thermal paper printer cannot print.

1. Check the thermal paper. Thermal paper printers must use thermal paper, and only the smooth side of the thermal paper can be printed. Here is a little trick. With a gentle stroke of your fingernail, the black scratch is the side that can be printed on the thermal paper. In addition, thermal paper also has a shelf life. Before buying, Zui should understand clearly. Once it expires, it will also lead to failure to type. To judge whether it is expired or not, you should also use a sharp object to draw it. What has no color is expired.

2. Check the print head. The thermal print head needs to generate high temperature to image the thermal paper. At this time, do not directly touch the thermal head with your hands, otherwise it will be easy to burn. To judge whether there is a problem with the thermal printhead, you can see whether the printed ticket is illegible. If so, it is usually the thermal printhead is stained. You can wipe it gently with alcohol sponge. If it is still illegible, you need to replace the thermal sheet.

3. Check the printer cylinder. When printing, it is necessary to press the thermal paper firmly with the help of a roller. If the roller is loose, it will lead to poor contact between the thermal printing needle and the thermal paper and failure to type words. At this time, you can open the cover and check whether the roller is pressed onto the paper.

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