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The quality of thermal paper directly affects the service life of the cash register

Time : 2022-04-17 Hits : 6

With the rapid development of science and technology and the gradual informatization of business, cash registers have been widely used in supermarkets, restaurants, chains, logistics and other fields with their unique advantages. However, since it is easy to get dirty during use, it also needs to be cleaned regularly. Effective cleaning of the cash register can prolong the service life of the cash register. Today, the editor will talk about a few precautions for daily cleaning of the cash register:

1. When cleaning the cash register, first turn off the power, and then use a brush to clean out the dust and particles in the gap around the screen.

2. When cleaning the screen of the cash register, it should be cleaned with a special cleaning solution for the screen. When cleaning, spray the cleaning solution on the cash register screen first, and then gently wipe with a microfiber rag.

3. For cash registers with very dirty screens, secondary cleaning or multiple cleanings are required.

4. When cleaning the vents of the touch register, since there is a lot of dust in the vents, you must first use a brush to clean the dust on both sides, and then wipe with a damp cloth, so as to be cleaner.

What are the materials of cash register paper?

1. Double-adhesive paper: The cash register paper produced by ordinary double-adhesive paper is all single-layered, without any coating on the paper surface, and the cash register paper with words printed on it by the ribbon.
2. Thermal paper: The cash register paper produced by thermal paper processing is all single-layered, coated with a thermal chemical coating on the paper surface, and the cash register paper that is printed by the laser thermal head to develop color, which is characterized by no use Printing consumables, no carbon ribbon, ribbon or ink cartridge; and the surface of the paper is relatively smooth, and there will be clear marks when scratched on the paper with a fingernail or a hard object.

3. Carbonless paper: This kind of cash register paper is composed of two or more layers, in which the first one needs to be printed with a needle-type printer for color development, but the subsequent couples rely on the needle-type printer to print pressure for color development.

4. Self-sensing paper: This kind of cash register paper is composed of one or more layers, and the color is developed by the printing pressure of the needle type printer, and the printing paper does not need to install the ribbon. The first couplet of this kind of cash register paper is called self-sensing paper, and the following couplets are ordinary carbonless paper.

The principle of thermal paper is to coat fine powder on the general paper base, the composition is leuco dye phenols or other acidic substances, separated by a film, under heating conditions, the film is melted, and the powder is mixed to cause a color reaction. Colored handwriting on thermal paper is unstable and easy to fade, making the content of the document difficult to read.

Thermal paper is a printing paper specially used for cash registers. Its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of the cash register. At that time, the thermal paper on the market was mixed, and the country had not yet issued a national standard. Many users did not know how to distinguish the quality of thermal paper. This provided a convenience for many businesses to keep low-quality thermal paper, and it was easy for users to lose and lighten the quality of thermal paper. The storage time is shortened, the handwriting is blurred, and the printer is seriously damaged. The thermal printing paper used in the cash register is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is the paper base, the second layer is the thermal coating layer, and the third layer is the protective layer. The thermal coating or protective layer mainly affects its quality; What is the difference between thermal paper and ordinary paper?

If the coating of the thermal paper is not uniform, the color will be dark in some places and light in some places during printing, and the printing quality will be significantly reduced. If the chemical formula of the thermal coating is unreasonable, the storage time of the printing paper will be shortened. Very short, good printing paper can be stored for 5 years after printing (under the conditions of room temperature and avoid direct sunlight), and now there are more long-term thermal paper that can be stored for 10 years, but if the formula of the thermal coating is unreasonable , can only be kept for a few months.

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