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The material of the logo sticker are thermal labels. What other uses and classifications does it have

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As we all know, many industries need to use sticker logo, and their material is thermal paper, so in addition to custom stickers logo, what other uses do self-adhesive labels have? At present, self-adhesive label stickers have been widely used in some large industries such as packaging industry, commodity business, logistics industry, chemical industry and so on. In different industries, the materials and uses of self-adhesive labels are also different. So, what are the uses and classifications of self-adhesive labels in different industries? Take everyone to find out.

Uses of self-adhesive label stickers:
It can be used as a product manual to increase the printing area on a single label in the past without changing the volume, and increase the printing content, thereby improving the level of product packaging. The glue of the label can be made so that it can be peeled off and glued repeatedly, the glue will not fail, and there will be no glue residue, and it can also be made into a disposable glue - after the customer opens the label, it cannot be glued again (it can be used to identify whether it has been used) . Widely used in daily chemicals, electrical appliances, food, cosmetics, health care products.

Classification of self-adhesive label stickers:

Logistics, box labels

Label material: coated paper, thermal transfer paper, thermal paper, synthetic paper
Label features: paste on the surface of the box, good adhesiveness, certain friction resistance,

low cost

Application industry: manufacturing, logistics and transportation

Electronic product label

Label material: synthetic paper, PET, PVC

Label features: pasted on the surface of electronic products, used to identify product name, model, date of manufacture, serial number, etc.

It has strong anti-friction, anti-corrosion, waterproof and other properties

Application industry: electronic manufacturing, communication product manufacturing, fixed asset management

barcode label

Label material: coated paper, thermal transfer paper, thermal paper, molded paper

Label features: paste on documents, hang tags, product packaging surface, identify barcode information, low cost

Application industry: manufacturing, inventory management, logistics and transportation, document management

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