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The difference between various printing papers, share today's little knowledge!

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Inkjet paper

This type of paper is usually coated with a thin layer of medium on top of the plain paper, making the paper more glossy and whitish. This kind of paper usually has the following two types, namely ordinary inkjet printing paper and photo quality inkjet printing paper (of course, inkjet printing paper can be divided into many types according to the type of paper applied, such as cardboard as the base inkjet card stock, silk-based inkjet silk cloth, etc.).

Ordinary inkjet paper

The full English name of ordinary inkjet printing paper is 'Ink Jet Paper'. This kind of paper is specially designed for ordinary inkjet printing, so the printing quality is better than ordinary copy paper, and it is suitable for printing 360dpi general text and less demanding.

Photo Quality Inkjet Paper

Photo quality inkjet paper is called 'Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper' in English, and this type of paper is suitable for resolutions of 720dpi or even 1440dpi. Mainly used to print some high-precision charts and texts. The disadvantage of this type of paper is that it is thin, so the printed photos will have a 'paper-through' phenomenon (ink smears through the surface of the paper) and cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, if you want to print photos, it is best to use several types of photo printing papers described below.

Photo paper

This type of paper is also coated with a special coating on plain paper, which makes the paper look brighter, and can quickly absorb and cure the ink with very small particles, so that the color of the photo remains vivid. The paper texture is generally hard, which can prevent ink penetration at extremely high printing resolutions, and avoid paper damage and print failure. Similarly, this type of paper is also divided into glossy photo paper, photo paper, glossy paper and so on according to the different coating layers and paper media.

Glossy photo paper

The full English name of glossy photo paper is 'Photo Quality Glossy Film', which is the best paper for printing photos. For printing some high-quality photos, record sleeves and report covers, etc., it is the perfect carrier for printing photos.

Photo paper

The full name of photo paper in English is 'Photo Paper'. Like glossy photo paper, the surface of photo paper also has a layer of gloss. The printed photos are brightly colored and can produce maximum color saturation. It is suitable for printing some advertising banners, posters and product catalogs. etc.

Glossy paper

Glossy paper is called 'Photo Quality Glossy Paper' in English. Compared with glossy photo paper, the level of detail is better, and the surface has a strong gloss. It's not as thick as glossy photo paper, though, so it's less expensive, and it's a good deal to print some demanding graphic art photos and some text-heavy materials.

Thick photo paper

The full English name of thick photo paper is 'Matte Paper - Heavyweight Paper'. The biggest feature of this paper is 'thickness', so its price is relatively high, and ordinary users rarely choose it. This type of paper is generally used for printing thick posters and some craft drawings.

Other printing paper

Of course, in order to meet the needs of different users, there are some alternative printing papers on the market. Examples include paper for printing photo stickers, inkjet paper for double-sided business cards, special paper for printing photos on clothing, and printing transparencies.

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