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The difference between thermal printing paper and dot matrix printing paper

Time : 2023-04-20 Hits : 5

In modern life, printers have become one of the necessary office equipment. There are also various types of printing paper used in printers, among which thermal printing paper and dot matrix printing paper are two common printing papers. So what is the difference between these two printing papers? Here to tell you about.


Thermal printing paper uses a thermal head to heat a specially coated thermal paper to generate an image, so a thermal printer is required, and it is suitable for occasions with fast printing speed and good image quality, such as supermarket receipts, movies, etc. tickets etc.

Dot matrix printing paper adopts the principle of dot matrix printer, and prints characters on hard printing paper through the impact of needles. It is suitable for slow printing speed, poor image quality but long-term storage requirements, such as invoices, receipts, etc. .


Thermal printing paper can be widely used in labels, receipts, barcodes and other fields, and because it is heated by a thermal head, the printing speed is relatively fast. However, due to its high printing quality, the price of thermal printing paper is relatively high.

Dot matrix printing paper is cheap and durable, and is suitable for occasions that require long-term storage. Also, since the needles make some noise when they strike, it's not very suitable for use in quiet environments.


Thermal printing paper and dot matrix printing paper are suitable for different occasions. As mentioned above, thermal printing paper is suitable for receipts, labels and other fields; dot matrix printing paper is suitable for invoices, receipts and other occasions that need to be stored for a long time.

Generally speaking, thermal printing paper and dot matrix printing paper are different in principle, characteristics and uses, and we can choose the appropriate printing paper according to actual needs. If you need to print small tickets and labels with fast printing speed and good quality, you can choose thermal printing paper. If you need long-term storage and do not need high-quality invoices, receipts, etc., you can choose dot matrix printing paper.

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