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The difference between thermal paper label paper and coated paper label paper

Time : 2021-12-01 Hits : 12

In the label market, there are two main forces, one is thermal paper label paper, and the other is coated paper label paper. What is the difference between the two? Now, Farui Paper will introduce this knowledge to you. Can't tell the difference between coated paper and thermal paper? In fact, the easiest way to test thermal paper is to use your fingernail to scratch the paper, leaving a black or blue scratch. Then it is thermal paper label paper.

Coated paper label:
(1) The characteristics of coated paper labels: non-waterproof, non-oil-proof, tearable, and can be divided into matte, plain and bright. Optional materials: Glassine coated paper, yellow bottom coated paper, imported coated paper. Scope of application: supermarkets, inventory management, clothing tags, industrial production lines.

Thermal paper label:
(2) The characteristics of thermal paper labels: non-waterproof, non-oilproof, and tearable. Optional materials: imported thermal paper, domestic thermal paper, in fact, the thermal paper produced by many domestic manufacturers is also very effective. Scope of application: mostly used in supermarket electronic scale labels, chemical laboratories, etc.

The difference between them:
(1) The storage time of coated paper labels is a bit longer than that of thermal paper labels, so when you buy which label you need to decide based on the storage time of the product you affixed.
(2) Coated paper labels are less affected by temperature, but thermal paper labels are greatly affected by temperature. Therefore, if the labels attached to the surface of the product are greatly affected by temperature, printing factories generally recommend that they choose coated paper labels.
(3) Coated paper labels need to be printed together with a cooperating ribbon. Thermal paper labels do not require ribbon printing, and can be printed directly in a barcode printer.

Prices vary:
Under normal circumstances, how does a printing plant quote a price? Whether it is a coated paper label or a thermal paper label, it can be customized according to customer needs. If there is a sample, it can be printed directly based on the sample. The most important thing is that the quotation is not based on the price of a piece, but based on the quantity of printing. The decision comes, the more the quantity, the more cost-effective the price!

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