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The difference between thermal label paper and thermal cash register paper

Time : 2022-10-31 Hits : 5

A friend asked me "What is the difference between thermal paper and thermal cash register paper?" The question is actually very simple. Thermal paper is thermal paper,  but thermal cash register paper is produced by processing thermal paper jumbo rolls.

Common thermal cash register paper specifications are: 57mm*30mm, 57mm*40mm, 57mm*50mm,  80mm*50mm, 80mm*60mm, 80mm*80mm. Among them, thermal paper roll 80x80 is the most used.

In addition to thermal cash register paper, there are other commonly used cash register papers, so what are the differences between them!

It is produced by thermal paper processing, and the paper is coated with a thermal chemical coating. The paper is heated by the printing head of a thermal printer to generate graphics. Main advantages: no printing consumables, no ribbon, no ink, and the surface is smooth, which protects the printer well!

Thermal paper is a kind of thermal paper specially used in electronic scales and cash registers. The simple way to test thermal paper is to scratch the paper with your fingernail, leaving a black scratch. Thermal paper is suitable for shelf labels such as cold storage and freezer, and its size is mostly fixed at 40mmX60mm standard.

Thermal paper is specially used for thermal printers and thermal fax machines. Its quality directly affects the printing quality and storage time, and even affects the service life of printers and fax machines.

The specifications of thermal label paper are generally determined according to the needs of use, in millimeters (mm). , the width is generally not less than 15mm, and basically the width is not more than 100mm. Among them, thermal label 4x6 has a large demand, and special specifications need to be customized. Generally, common specifications can meet the needs of daily use. Depending on the situation, some customers also choose to printed thermal label.

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