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The difference between one and two express orders

Time : 2022-04-30 Hits : 5

The specifications and styles of express orders are very rich, but in terms of several orders, it has reached as many as seven pieces. So, what is the difference between the commonly used express single and double orders? Below I will take you to know more about it!

A single courier is one layer, and there are several layers, which are several layers, also called a few layers of colors. For example, three layers can be called triple or three layers of color.

A combination is represented by 241-1, a dual combination is represented by 241-2, a triple combination is represented by 241-3, a quadruple combination is represented by 241-4, and so on.

Different equal parts of express orders have different names and specifications. Unequal parts can be called whole or no knife; two equal parts are called plus one knife; third equal parts are called plus two knives.

The unequal division means that the entire sheet size is: 241*279.4mm, the bisection size is: 241*139.7mm, the third division size is: 241*93mm, and 241 represents: 9.5 inches, which is the width of the paper. The kind of paper is also called 80-column printing paper (width 9.5 inches * top and bottom height 11 inches), that is to say, normal font, 80 words in a row (that is, 80 columns of words, referred to as 80 columns).

The main uses of these papers are: outbound/inbound bills, financial statements, sea and air waybills, room bills, consumer bills, bank bills, main applications: government departments, enterprises, banks, hospitals, express companies, supermarkets, hotels, KTV, outpatient department, wharf, air and sea transportation, etc.

Courier two-part form refers to the document in red and white. After writing the information, one part is kept, and the other part is torn to the payer.

1. User:the first copy of the seller's accounting voucher; the second copy to the tax authority for future reference; the third copy of the buyer's accounting voucher.

2. Name:the first page is the accounting page; the second page is the tax deduction page; the third page is the invoice page;

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