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The difference and application of thermal paper and ordinary paper

Time : 2023-04-12 Hits : 19

In our daily work, we often encounter occasions where documents, labels, etc. need to be printed. Choosing the right printing material has an important impact on the printing effect and user experience. This article will introduce the difference and application scenarios between thermal paper and plain paper, and help you better understand and choose suitable printing materials.

First of all, the composition of thermal paper and ordinary paper is different. Thermal paper is a special heat-sensitive material whose surface is covered with a photosensitive coating. When printing, the coated part of the print head will produce a chemical reaction to generate the desired pattern or text on the paper. Ordinary paper is made of lignin fiber, and its surface is relatively rough, so it cannot directly use heat to achieve the printing effect.

Secondly, the usage scenarios of thermal paper and plain paper are also different. Thermal paper is suitable for occasions that require fast printing and easy operation, such as supermarket shop price tags, logistics waybill labels, etc. This type of label needs to update information frequently, and requires fast printing and accurate identification. The high-speed printing and easy-to-operate characteristics of thermal paper can meet these needs. Plain paper is suitable for occasions that require long-term storage or high-quality printing, such as documents and books. Ordinary paper is relatively tough, not easy to deform and fade, and you can choose paper of various colors and thicknesses to meet printing needs.

Finally, the price of thermal paper and plain paper is also different. Because thermal paper has the advantages of high-speed printing and easy operation, the production cost is relatively low. Therefore, its price is generally slightly higher than ordinary paper. However, in some occasions that require mass production of labels or require fast printing, the high efficiency and low cost of thermal paper will bring more economic benefits.

In short, there are differences between thermal paper and ordinary paper in terms of composition, usage scenarios and prices. The choice of material should be reasonably matched according to actual needs in order to achieve the best use effect.

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