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Take you to know the label classification

Time : 2023-04-12 Hits : 11

In our daily life, we are often exposed to various labels, such as nutrition labels on food, washing labels on clothing, etc. However, unbeknownst to you, these labels can also be classified according to their use and material properties. This article will introduce several common label classifications.

First of all, labels can be divided into information labels and functional labels according to their usage. Information labels are mainly used to provide product information, such as nutritional labeling on food, parameter labels on electronic products, etc. Functional labels have certain functional characteristics, such as drug management labels on medical devices, reminder labels on jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Secondly, according to the material characteristics, the labels can be divided into paper labels, plastic labels, cloth labels, etc. Paper labels have good air permeability and low price, and are often used for the identification of disposable goods. Plastic labels usually have the characteristics of waterproof and high temperature resistance, and are suitable for occasions with harsh environments. The cloth label not only has a good feel and look, but also has strong durability, which is suitable for the identification of high-end brands.

Finally, according to the production method, labels can be divided into printed labels, thermal labels, etc. Printed labels are produced and processed by printing machines, and are commonly used in various packaging materials, product identification and other occasions. The thermal label is made of thermal paper or thermal film, which is convenient for use in some occasions that need to quickly print information, such as waybill stickers in logistics distribution.

In conclusion, labels play an important role in our daily life, helping us to better understand and manage the products we come into contact with. Understanding label classification can better select and use appropriate labels to achieve better information transmission and function realization.

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