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Stop thinking that the more "white" copy paper is, the better

Time : 2022-01-26 Hits : 5

Copy paper is often used in daily work and office. It is one of the essential office supplies for printing texts, reports, legends and other basic materials.

Here are some things that you should pay attention to when purchasing and using:

What kind of ordinary printing paper is more suitable? In my opinion, most people will answer: "One white cover a hundred ugliness", the whiter the better. But will it really be so? Below I will briefly analyze the reasons for this.

In the industry market, copy paper is divided according to color, and copy paper can be divided into two types: bleached paper and plain white paper. The national industry standard stipulates that the whiteness of copy paper is below 95°, not the whiter the better.

The printing effect of purchasing special white copy paper is obvious and more beautiful. It is recommended to use it for printing external texts. The copy paper used for internal communication and information transmission in the company is white copy paper. The weight should be appropriately selected according to the amount, and the copy paper is generally divided into 70 grams and 80 grams.

The purchase should be clearly distinguished, neutral and acidic

According to the production process, copy paper can be divided into acid paper and neutral paper. Buyers must be aware of this when purchasing.

Neutral paper is 100% virgin paper. The pulp has good flexibility, and the bonding force between the pulp and the filler is relatively good. During use, the friction of the machine equipment is very small, and it is not easy to cause dust. It has a good protection function for machinery and equipment and operators.

Most of the acid-exposed paper is straw pulp and its mixed pulp. The pulp has poor flexibility and is very likely to cause dust and paper jams. Acidic paper has an eroding function, which makes the paper very easy to yellow and become brittle, and it is not easy to store for a long time. It is easy to cause acid gas at high temperature, which is harmful to the human body.

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