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Special requirements and technical needs for self-adhesive labels used in the food industry

Time : 2023-09-26 Hits : 3

As the food industry develops and consumers pay more attention to food quality and safety, self-adhesive labels play an important role in food packaging and labeling. However, the food industry has some special requirements and technical needs for self-adhesive labels to ensure product traceability, safety and information accuracy.

The food industry requires self-adhesive labels to have good adhesion properties. Food products are often transported and stored under varying environmental conditions, so labels must be able to adhere securely to the packaging and not be affected by temperature changes, humidity or contact substances. This can be achieved by selecting high-quality adhesives and appropriate label materials.

Secondly, health and safety standards must be met. Food is a product that comes into direct contact with the human body, so label materials must be of food grade and will not cause contamination to the food. Additionally, labels should be easy to clean so stains and bacteria can be easily removed when needed.

Third, the food industry has special requirements for the durability and waterproofness of self-adhesive labels. Labels may be exposed to moist environments, such as refrigerated, frozen or fresh-keeping areas, so labels must be resistant to moisture and humidity to maintain clear readability.

In addition, the food industry has high requirements for the accuracy of information on self-adhesive labels. Labels must contain accurate product information, such as ingredients, ingredients, shelf life, production date, etc., to meet regulatory requirements and provide important information to consumers. Therefore, label printing technology and equipment must be able to achieve high resolution and accurate text, images and barcodes.

In response to the above requirements, the self-adhesive label industry is also constantly innovating and improving technology. For example, advanced anti-counterfeiting technologies such as invisible ink, infrared and ultraviolet visible features are used to prevent counterfeiting and fraud. At the same time, the development of digital printing technology makes personalized and customized labels easier to achieve.

The food industry has special requirements and technical needs for self-adhesive labels, including good adhesion properties, compliance with hygiene and safety standards, durability and water resistance, and accurate information transmission. The self-adhesive label industry continues to innovate and improve technology to meet these needs and provide reliable packaging and labeling solutions to the food industry.


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