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So handsome, it turns out that masters print paper like this!

Time : 2022-01-28 Hits : 8

How are Word Gridlines printed? If you want your document to have gridlines, you need to convert it to manuscript form before you can print it. As shown in the figure below, how can I print out such a document?

Let's first look at how to set the grid style.

1. Create a new blank document, click Layout - Manuscript Settings, in the opened interface, set [Format] to "Linear Manuscript", [Number of Rows × Number of Columns] to "20 × 20", [Grid] Color] is set to "red", other select the default format, click OK.

2. Double-click the header to enter the editing state, select the graphic, right-click and select [Group] - [Ungroup], then delete the box on the header first, then select the entire border, and press the Delete key to delete.

3. Click Insert - Illustration - Shape, find the line, hold down the Shift key, draw a long horizontal line in the document, then click Shape Format, set [Shape Outline] to "Red", [Thickness] This is set to "3 lbs".

4. Select the long horizontal line, press Ctrl+D to copy one, and set the thick line of the horizontal line to "1.5 points", then move it to a suitable position, use the Ctrl key to select another horizontal line, right-click [Combine] ].

5. Select the combined graphics, press Ctrl+D to make a copy, then move it to the footer, click Shape Format - Arrange - Rotate - Flip Vertical, and then close the header and footer.

After setting the grid lines, press Ctrl+P to enter the print preview and click the print button.

The above are the tips shared today, have you mastered it? If you have any questions, please leave a message below.

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