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Slitting Skills of Grid Bottom Coated Paper Stickers

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Characteristics of coated paper
Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is called powder paper in Hong Kong and other regions. It is a high-ji printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Its main raw materials are copperplate base paper and paint. The thickness of the copperplate base paper is uniform, the flexibility is small, the strength is high, and the water resistance is good; the coating used for coating is made of white pigments (such as kaolin, barium sulfate, etc.), adhesives (such as polyvinyl alcohol, casein, etc.) And auxiliary additives, etc., the whiteness of the coating has reached more than 90%, and the particles are fine.


During the production process of coated paper, the coating machine applies the paint thinly and evenly on the base paper, then it is dried and rolled into a roll on the paper machine, and then sent to the super calender for calendering. The smoothness of super calendered coated paper is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary offset paper, so that the coated paper can be in close contact with the printing plate, and the dots can be printed clearly. In addition, the particles on the surface of the coated paper are smaller than the diameter of the printing dots, and the coating also has good ink receptivity. Therefore, its dot reproducibility is good, the ink layer is thin, the image is clear, and the dots are smooth. In addition, the dimensional stability of the coated paper is good, and the tensile strength and surface strength are also very high, which can meet the requirements of precise overprinting. These characteristics make coated paper the best choice for gao file printing.

There are many types of coated paper, with quantitative specifications ranging from 70 grams to 300 grams. The types include single-sided coated paper, double-sided coated paper, matte coated paper, cloth coated coated paper, etc. Coated paper with good softness can be used to print gao file books, picture albums and book covers, while high-gram, rigid coated paper is the best material for printing photos, business cards, and cards. In addition, the coated paper has good waterproof performance, and it does not need to be cold-laminated or plastic-sealed after printing, which saves time, labor and money. The most typical advantage of printed output coated paper and printed output is that it can be output in small batches, does not require plate making, and is immediately desirable, which is more suitable for customers with small output.

However, the use of coated paper as inkjet printing paper has many obstacles. The main reason is that the coating of most coated paper is not designed for inkjet ink. It has a good affinity for oil-based ink, but it is good for printing. The ink has poor absorption capacity. When dye ink is used, ink scattering, ink flow, etc. often occur, and when pigment ink is used, ink pile-up is prone to occur. It is precisely because of these problems that the application of coated paper in inkjet printers is not widespread.

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