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Rules for confirming the size of computer printing paper when printing

Time : 2022-04-17 Hits : 3

Computer printing paper is very common in our daily life and needs to be used in many places. It has many uses and types. Guanhua manufacturers tell you, what are the sizes of commonly used computer printing paper?

Computer printing paper can be classified into: one, two, three, four, five, six, according to the number of pages, can be divided into multi-page computer printing paper according to the purpose, the general size of computer printing paper is generally in the following range of units (cm):

Large 16 open 21*29cm/ Large 32 open 14.5*21cm/ Large 64 open 10*14.5cm/

Positive 40K 10.5*9.5cm/ Positive 16K 19*26.5cm/ Positive 32K 19*13cm/

Positive 64K 13*9.5cm/ Positive 48K 17.8*9.5cm/ Positive 20K 13*21/

Positive 35 open 10.5*21cm/ Positive 27 open 12*24cm

The uses of computer printing paper are: receipts, delivery notes, return orders, material picking orders, material receiving orders, material return orders, incoming warehouse orders, outgoing warehouse orders, inbound orders, outbound orders, purchase requisitions, The types of coupons commonly used by enterprises and units, such as transfer slips, payment requisitions, payment slips, transfer notices, order menus, and general taxpayer sales lists.

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