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Reasons and solutions for powder drop of thermal printing paper materials

Time : 2022-04-21 Hits : 3

Reasons and solutions for powder loss of thermal printing paper materials. The reasons for powder loss of paper materials are generally the poor quality of the thermal printing paper substrate itself, low surface coating firmness, and easy powder loss. The environment is humid or the problem of the material itself makes printing The surface strength of the material coating is reduced or the viscosity of the ink is too large, and it is easy to cause powder failure. In addition, powder loss is also related to the press side of the barcode label.

The solution to the problem is to choose superior printing materials, especially for large-area solid printing; improve the storage environment and printing environment of materials, and reduce environmental humidity; reduce ink viscosity, and require the viscosity of printing inks used in each color sequence to decrease in turn; in the process The design is changed from solid printing to flat screen printing.

Thermal printing paper should be pre-printed with empty paper before formal printing, which can remove the floating powder; change the printing method of printing equipment to reduce the printing contact area.

In the production of thermal printing paper, we will need to use color developer. Today, I want to explain to you what the requirements of thermal printing paper for color developer are. I hope you can read it carefully.

The color developer and the dye react with the thermal head to develop color, and the color developer has a wide range of selectivity. Such as phenols and organic acids, the following indicators must be met when selecting a color developer.

(1) The color developer must make the dye used with high color density and strong sensitivity.

(2) The color developer cannot react with the dye to develop color at room temperature.

(3) At the set temperature, the color developer must have a sensitive melting point, so as to ensure fast color development and high density at the set temperature.

(4) At the set temperature, blackening is not allowed when the thermal head is in contact with the developer.

(5) The imaging durability is good.

Bisphenol A is a commonly used color developer. Its disadvantages are high melting point, image degradation and heavy background color development. But it's cheap. P-Hydroxy-benzoic acid and its esters are used as color-developing agents, such as p-Hydroxy-benzoic acid benzyl ester, but the price is higher. Add one or more sensitizers to lower the melting point of bisphenol A. Sensitizers are expensive, but their cost is still lower than that of esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid due to the small amount added.

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