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Proofreading method before printing on self-adhesive labels

Time : 2021-11-29 Hits : 11

The first is to check the content of the label manuscript: the correctness of the manuscript content is the key to whether the product is qualified. If there is a problem, the small one will affect the quality of the product, and the large one will form a waste. Therefore, checking the content of the manuscript is one of the first steps in the production of the product. An important task, especially for some urgent items, is the top priority. Sometimes, due to the rush to progress, individual operators neglected to check this aspect. As a result, some content presented problems, delayed the construction period, and brought irreparable losses to the factory. The content of the manuscript mainly includes text, images, graphics and other items. To view the text, you should first look at the font, font size, layout and other content. The first thing to view the image is to check the image format, color mode, resolution, scale, placement orientation, etc. To view the graphics, firstly check the graphics style, scale, placement direction and so on.

Second, check the label imposition pattern: the imposition pattern must match the binding method. If the product ultimately needs to be bound, then the binding issue must be considered when the manuscript is planned and typeset. Is product binding perfect binding, saddle stitching, or stitching? Is it half-folded or quarter-folded? The requirements are different, and the typesetting methods are different. All of these should be accurate.

Finally, check the imposition standards of the self-adhesive printing plant: the imposition standards must match the printing equipment standards and paper standards. The standard of the self-adhesive printing equipment used and the standard of the paper determine the size of the layout during imposition. Sometimes due to communication problems, planners did not notice this situation, and the layout size exceeded the paper size, which affected the production progress. Similar problems must be resolved before the release of the film or the CTP version.

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