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Precautions for the use of thermal label in the rainy season

Time : 2021-10-20 Hits : 9

How to use stickers in rainy season?

1. Strengthen workshop temperature and humidity control
We all know that the best temperature for printing is 20-25 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity is between 50-60%. Therefore, to make good products, the majority of enterprises still need to control the temperature and humidity of the workshop in order to fundamentally solve this problem.

2. Label storage
thermal label need to be stored in a dry environment to avoid adverse effects such as moisture and curling caused by high humidity. The recommended storage environment for thermal label is: 22℃±2℃, 50%±5% relative humidity. For the complete package label provided by the supplier, it is recommended to follow the first-in-first-out principle in labeling and use. For the labels that are not used temporarily, the package should be kept intact. At the same time, if the material to be attached is also a material that is susceptible to environmental temperature and humidity, it is also necessary to pay attention to packaging and storage.

3. Open the material and put it in the workshop 24 hours before use
If the humidity in the workshop is too high, you can consider unpacking the material and placing it in the workshop 24 hours before printing and use, so that the material and the water in the workshop are balanced. This can improve the curling problem of the self-adhesive material caused by excessive humidity to a certain extent.

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