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Precautions for printing and production of ATM receipt thermal paper

Time : 2022-10-31 Hits : 4

The Receipts Paper currently used in the banking system is basically printed on thermal paper. Most ATM receipt rolls have a form printed on the front and an advertisement printed on the back.

ATM receipt paper printing belongs to roll-type receipt printing. Since the base paper is thermal paper, it is also called thermal paper printing. The most common specification for each small piece of ATM receipt paper is 79*101.6, and 101.6 is the 12-inch trisection of a full-rotary receipt printing machine, which is a relatively common and reasonable specification. Some banks also use 80mm thermal paper or 80 80 thermal paper roll, using printed thermal paper.

ATM receipt printing, although it is roll printing, its color rendering principle is the same as that of lithographic printing, and the color is formed by CMYK four-color registration.

In the process of printing and making ATM receipt paper, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Positioning mark:
The black color block on the left side of the front of the thermal paper is called thermal paper printing black mark positioning in the industry. It is printed with solid black UV printing, and the density cannot be less than 95% to ensure that the direct thermal paper is printed by the equipment during the printing process. Cursor recognition Probe recognition.

If the printing density of the thermal paper black mark positioning mark is not enough, or the position is wrong, it will cause the ATM receipt printer to continuously output paper and keep paper. In addition to being unable to be used normally, it will also lead to the waste of the entire roll of thermal paper.

Therefore, the positioning mark should pay attention to the confirmation of the printing process and the positioning position.

2. Raw material selection:

ATM receipt paper is made by printing and slitting thermal paper as raw material. Thermal paper itself is printing paper with chemical coating, and its printing surface will undergo chemical reaction due to air oxidation. Thermal paper with poor quality is stored In a short time, the color will not be clear.

Therefore, the ATM receipt paper must be printed on two coated thermal paper, and the surface protective film is made by a formal process. Suzhou Guanhua paper factory, in the quality control of thermal paper printing raw materials, purchases high-quality thermal paper base paper from listed companies with A-grade genuine products, which can achieve a shelf life of up to 5 years after ATM receipt printing. Paper prints can be stored for more than one year under standard conditions.

3. Packaging:

In order to protect the ATM receipt paper from light, sunscreen, moisture, and high temperature, professional thermal paper packaging methods must be used.

4. Delivery and packaging:
If the surface of thermal paper collides, it will generate friction and heat, so its distribution and carton packaging must meet the requirements of shock resistance and just right space density.

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