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Nine points you need to know before using computer printing paper!

Time : 2022-03-14 Hits : 5

The use of computer printing paper is often indispensable in the study of the company office. When using the printer to print computer printing paper in daily life, we must also pay attention to the application of computer printing paper. The following editor summarizes nine points, come together have a look!

1. Matters needing attention after unpacking
(1) After the product is unpacked, if it is not used for a long time (whole sheet, two-part two-part, three-part three-part, four-part four-part and five-part five-part), it should be placed in the original packaging glue of computer printing paper. Inside the bag to prevent moisture, damage, etc.
(2) When unpacking a product with a serial number, it is necessary to carefully check the number. If there are problems such as wrong number, missing number, and double number, it should be reported to the company's customer service department in time together with the label outside the box and the certificate of conformity in the box.

2. Problems that need to be paid attention to during use
(1) Before using the product, please adjust the power file of the printer to an appropriate position.
(2) When printing on multi-layer paper, please use the normal printing file and try to avoid high-speed printing to ensure the clear handwriting.
(3) When the product needs to be filled in manually, please use a ballpoint pen or a signature pen to fill in it hard.

3. Computer printing paper does not develop color or is not clear
(1) If there is no color development, it may be caused by the reverse loading of the printing paper (except for quality problems), just reload the paper.
(2) The reason for the unclear color development may be caused by insufficient pressure of the printer or broken needles in the print head. You can increase the printing force and check whether there is broken needles.

4. Paper jam occurs during printing
(1) Check whether the position of the printing paper is appropriate and whether it is aligned with the tractor. After loading the tractor, the paper should lie flat to avoid jamming in the tractor or paper slot.
(2) Select the position of the print head suitable for the number of layers of paper to avoid it being too close to the paper, resulting in friction of the ribbon or even paper jams.
(3) After the printing is completed, an appropriate paper feeding position should be selected to make the paper feeding smoothly and avoid paper jams due to insufficient pressure on the platen roller.

5. Avoid tearing the paper after printing
After continuous printing, (such as two-part two-part, two-part three-part, three-part two-part, three-part three-part, four-part two-part, four-part three-part, five-part two-part, five-part three-part It is best to fold along the easy tearing line, press the edge of the tearing line with one hand, and gently tear it off with the other hand. Pay attention to the even force.

6. Applicable models of multi-connected computer printing paper
Printers (dot-type printers) suitable for printing multiple products, mainly receipt printers and flat push-type printers. These printers are designed so that the paper is not bent inside the machine, the paper is flat, and the printing force is high.

Seven, computer printing paper wrinkle problem
Due to the difference in the climate between the north and the south, (the whole single layer, the two-part two-part, the two-part three-part, the three-part two-part, the three-part three-part, the four-part two-part, the four-part three-part, the five-part two-part Equal parts, five parts three parts, six parts two parts, six parts three parts, etc.) During the process of computer printing paper products from the factory to the user, affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, computer paper printing There may be slight wrinkling on the paper surface, which is a normal phenomenon; but if the wrinkling is serious (cannot be used), it is a problem with the quality of the base paper, and you should contact the manufacturer in time to exchange the whole, double, triple, and quadruple sheets of the computer. , Five and six equal copies of printing paper.

8. The color rendering effect of computer printing paper is lighter in winter than in summer
Since color development is a chemical process, it will be affected by the ambient temperature to some extent. Two equal parts, four parts three parts, five part two parts, five part three parts, six part two parts, six part three parts) may have a slow process of color development, which is a normal phenomenon. Due to the slightly slower process, it may feel that the color rendering effect in winter is not as good as in summer.

Nine, computer printing paper document preservation regulations
(1) After printing on carbonless paper, each page should be stored separately. If stored together, crushing should be avoided.
(2) After printing, carbonless paper should be stored away from light, and pay attention to waterproof, oil-proof, acid-proof and alkali-proof.
(3) The state has no regulation on the storage period of handwriting on carbonless paper. Under appropriate environmental conditions, the carbonless handwriting on carbonless paper can be stored for at least 15 years.

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