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Matters needing attention when choosing self-adhesive label materials

Time : 2022-10-27 Hits : 6

Self-adhesive labels are widely used, especially customized ones, which are used in many companies' products. In many cases, it also represents the company's image and is an important embodiment of the company's brand. It plays an important role in reflecting the quality of the product and arousing the desire to buy. So what are the precautions when choosing self-adhesive labels?

1. If the size of the label is too large or too small, then we need to test it to see if there will be any problems in the actual use process.

2. If the object to be attached is an irregular surface or even a spherical surface, the type of label material, self-adhesive, thickness, etc. should be taken into consideration.

3. Temperature, the face paper material of different self-adhesive labels determines what environment and temperature it can be used in. Under low temperature conditions, such as freezers, cup stickers for milk tea, etc., it is necessary to use materials that prevent low temperature.

4. Whether the use environment needs waterproof and oil proof.

5. In order to avoid the printing failure caused by the quality of the self-adhesive material itself, we should carefully check the base paper before putting it on the machine to avoid printing errors of the self-adhesive label.

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