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Let us understand the stickiness of self-adhesive labels

Time : 2021-12-01 Hits : 12

Before using the type of self-adhesive label, it is important to test the type of adhesive to see if this type of adhesive is a self-adhesive, and the heat-sealing adhesive is still a glue-coated paper. Some adhesives react chemically with certain substances. For example, self-adhesive labels used as signs can contaminate some special fabrics under certain conditions. Some labels with short tack requirements will have long-lasting tack under exposure conditions. On the other hand, some labels that require long-lasting tack will lose tack on some appearances.

The correct way to tear off the sticker label on the surface of the paper is to keep the label as straight as possible, and peel off the backing paper from the center of the top or bottom end to ensure that the label is well bonded to the surface of the object.

When using self-adhesive labels and other labels on the appearance of raw paper, problems often arise. In the process of recycling processing, there are many different papers. Some papers will be contaminated by silicon or wax coatings, so the mixed processing will contaminate the final recycled products. When using labels on the surface of these contaminated recycled paper, the adhesive often loses its effect. Note: The effect of the silicone resin coating in the self-adhesive label is to ensure that the self-adhesive is easily separated from the backing paper.

Too low temperature can also cause problems. The low temperature slows down the speed of bonding, and the label may have fallen off the surface before the adhesive sticks to the surface. If the label is stored improperly-the ambient temperature difference is large, the humidity is fluctuated, or the accumulation is improper-the label will lose its stickiness soon after being used.

Many people mistakenly uncover and pull off the left or right corner of the label, which will weaken the adhesiveness of the contact part, and also damage the "surface fiber" that the material guessed, causing the label to curl.

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