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Is thin or thick thermal paper better?

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Is thin or thick thermal paper better? This problem mainly depends on choosing the appropriate thickness according to your own situation, and considering the printer and the use of standards to customize the specifications of the thermal paper that are suitable for you.
The thickness is proportional to the gram weight. The thicker the heavier, the stiffness and flexibility of the paper are inversely proportional. The thicker the stiffness is, the higher the flexibility is, and the worse the reduction is; The laser printer has certain requirements on the thickness of the paper. As long as the thin paper can be rolled, it is OK, but too much paper will damage the machine, such as the fixing film and the paper take-up wheel.
The common weight of thermal paper is 55g, 58g, 63g, 65g, 70g, 80g, 100g, 180g, 200g and 230g.
The gram weight of thermal printing paper refers to the net weight, in grams per square meter, or gram for short.
55g thermal paper is thin, and it is usually used in fax paper, medical cardio drawings and other fields. It requires high color rendering density. Generally, 55g thermal paper is called fax thermal paper.  
58g thermal paper is widely used in the field of cash register paper, with slightly lower color rendering requirements than 55g fax thermal paper, and the thickness is similar to 55g thermal printing paper. Usually, this paper is often used outside, and 58g thermal paper is preferred for those with high requirements for meter number and low requirements for thickness, because the meter number can also be printed, and the diameter of 58g will be small, taking up less space.
63g, 65g and 70g are the net amount of zui obtained by thermal paper manufacturers according to different thicknesses of base paper and thermal coating coatings of different thicknesses. These types of products are mostly used in the field of silver register paper thermal printing paper. The thickness between 76U-82U is the result of personalized customization by manufacturers according to market differentiation needs, and also the choice made by manufacturers with different equipment. At present, the mainstream of Guangzhou cash register paper thermal printing paper market is also 63g - 70g thermal paper.  
80g thermal paper is mostly special paper, including three proof paper, two proof paper and one proof paper. It is a special protective coating added to the application function of thermal printing paper. It is made for special environments such as waterproof, oil proof or high temperature proof. It is mostly used in the fields with high requirements such as kitchen thermal printing three proof paper, movie tickets, etc.
180g, 200g and 230g thermal paper are called thermal paperboard in the industry.  
The paper thickness also affects the opacity of the printing paper. Obviously, the thinner the paper, the lower the opacity. When printing, it is necessary to take full account of the probability of ink penetration and through printing. When printing on thin paper, it is necessary to take impermeability as the standard, select thicker printing ink, and try to avoid small pressure and thinner ink layer for printing.
Different thickness will also bring problems to the printing paper. Because the center distance between the printing plate cylinder (or rubber roller) and the printing cylinder is relatively fixed in a sense, if the paper thickness is uneven, the printing pressure will change, which will change the transfer of printing ink during printing, and the depth of the impression will also be uneven, affecting the product quality of the printed matter.  
Generally speaking, if the paper thickness is thinner than the original specification, it will not cause problems for the machine, but it will have a certain impact on the printing effect. Too thin paper may cause the printer to jam paper and drive speed is not in place, which will affect the printing effect.  
If the possible impact is that the probability of paper jam will increase, which will have an impact on the machine.

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