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Is thermal paper more environmentally friendly than traditional sheets?

Time : 2022-03-22 Hits : 6

The environmental protection of thermal paper mainly depends on the content of bisphenol A. Thermal paper without bisphenol A is environmentally friendly paper, but compared with traditional face sheets, who is more environmentally friendly? Let's follow Guanwei Xiaobian to learn about it!

Is thermal paper environmentally friendly?

First, because of the cost, thermal paper printers have low cost and low maintenance costs. There is no need to add ink, replace the print head like an inkjet printer, or add toner like a laser printer, and the power consumption is many times lower.

Second, the stability is good. After all, the working principle is simple, the mechanical structure of the circuit design is simple, it is not easy to fail, and the system will not collapse.

Third, it takes up little space. Don't laugh at this answer. It would be awkward to put a laser printer in a small place like the supermarket checkout counter.

Are traditional noodles environmentally friendly?

The traditional quadruple form is divided into the sending customer page, the pickup page, the delivery page, and the receiving customer page. It takes time and labor to extract the sending customer page and the pickup page from the package for a long time, which delays the efficiency of package circulation and requires manual operation by workers. It is also easy to cause damage to the package and improve the return rate; the use of electronic face slips to send the customer copy and the pickup copy can be replaced by electronic stubs, and there is no need to tear off the corresponding copy on the package when picking up or transiting. It can shorten the operation time and optimize the distribution process.

As for environmental protection issues, most thermal printing papers are now environmentally friendly papers that do not contain bisphenol A, and some manufacturers even have alternatives. Most are environmentally friendly.

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