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Is thermal paper environmentally friendly

Time : 2022-10-27 Hits : 8

Is thermal paper harmful to human body? Such problems can be seen everywhere on the Internet, and today we will analyze this problem from various perspectives.

Thermal paper, also known as thermal paper, is widely used in movie tickets, tickets, ATM automatic teller machines, general police paper, electronic scale paper, thermal labels, thermal cash register paper.

Environmentally friendly thermal paper

It is made of ordinary paper through surface coating. It is precisely because of this coating that thermal paper can change color when exposed to heat. According to the different coating materials, it can be waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof and friction-resistant. , the shelf life of color development can also vary from a few days to decades.

There is a class of substances called bisphenol A in the coating, which is a low-toxicity chemical, but its content is within the acceptable range for the human body. The hazards of exposure are currently unknown. We recommend that pregnant women and those with trauma to the surface should avoid or reduce exposure as much as possible.

Bisphenol A detection

Seeing this, many people must ask, how to judge whether thermal paper contains bisphenol A? The editor teaches you a simple method: bake it on the non-heat-sensitive surface with a lighter. If the paper is green, it does not contain BPA. If the paper is black and the color blocks are uneven, it contains BPA.

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