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Is the material of self-adhesive label hazardous

Time : 2023-02-16 Hits : 21

Adhesive labels are everywhere in our daily life. Common label paper is made of adhesive labels, but many people are worried about whether the adhesive labels contain toxic ingredients, which makes many friends who use adhesive labels feel a little panic and anxiety. So, is the adhesive label toxic? Let's make a detailed analysis.

In fact, when making self-adhesive labels, it is simply to apply a layer of thermosensitive coating on high-quality base paper. This material contains at least 10 kinds of chemicals, such as colorless dyes and fluorescent compounds. These two substances are very harmful to our human health, but we don't need to worry about the few things we touch at ordinary times. As long as you don't eat adhesive label heat-sensitive paper, there will be no problem.

Knowledge expansion:

How much do you know about the sticker label of HSF without harmful substances?
HSF is the abbreviation of "Hazardous substances free" in English, which means "no hazardous substances" and "hazardous substances reduction". It is mainly used in the production of industrial and consumer products.

The concept of HSF comes from the RoHS Directive on "Control of six hazardous substances in electronic and electrical products" and the WEEE Directive on "Waste electronic and electrical equipment" issued by the European Union in 2002. In order to meet the requirements of these two guidelines, the industry has taken measures to control harmful substances in products, forming the concept of HSF. So far, HSF has effectively controlled harmful substances in products that comply with a series of regulations (including the EU REACH regulations). At the same time, HSF can be understood as a series of measures and actions to implement harmful substances in products.

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