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Is the label attached to the milk tea thermal paper?

Time : 2022-04-02 Hits : 2

Milk tea is widely popular, especially in recent years, almost all over the streets. Especially young people love milk tea, but I don’t know if you have noticed that there will be a small label on the cup of milk tea. Is this small label a thermal paper?

Thermal label paper is a kind of self-adhesive label paper. The surface paper of this label paper is a paper treated with a high heat-sensitive thermal coating. There is an adhesive layer behind the paper, which is used for pasting and fixing. The bottom layer is a layer of base paper to protect the adhesive layer. After printing, tear off the backing paper and use it. The backing paper has ordinary blue background, white background and imported glassine. points.

Ordinary thermal paper is not waterproof, oil-proof, and tearable, while three-proof thermal label paper is waterproof, oil-proof, and alcohol-proof. When choosing to make milk tea labels, you can also choose according to your actual needs.

The biggest difference between thermal label paper and coated label paper is that thermal label paper does not need to be used with carbon ribbon, while ordinary coated label paper needs to be used with carbon ribbon. A small thermal printer can print. Generally speaking, the space of milk tea shops is limited. Wouldn't it be very awkward to put a large printer in the store. Therefore, thermal paper labels are the first choice for milk tea labels in milk tea shops.

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