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Is the cash register paper made of thermal paper?

Time : 2022-04-08 Hits : 4

I believe everyone knows that the cash register paper in the supermarket and the receipt paper in the restaurant are all made of thermal paper. Is the cash register paper all made of thermal paper? Is there any other material of cash register paper? Let's take a look with the editor below!

The first thermal paper

In fact, thermal paper is thermal paper, and thermal printing paper is processed from thermal paper. The surface of the paper is coated with a heat-sensitive chemical coating, and the paper is produced by heating it through the print hair of a thermal printer.

Main advantages: no printing consumables, ribbon, ink, smooth surface, good protection for the printer. Generally recommended.

Common cash register paper specifications are: 57mm*30mm/57mm*40mm/57mm*50mm/80mm*50mm/80mm*60mm/80mm*80mm

The second kind of double-adhesive paper

This kind of cash register paper adopts the cash register paper produced by the general double-adhesive paper production and processing, all of which are single-sided, without all the coating on the paper, and the cash register paper is printed by the printing ribbon.

The third pressure-sensitive paper

This kind of cash register paper is composed of one or two layers, and it is color developed by the working pressure of the dot matrix printer, and the printing paper does not need to install the printing ribbon. The first couplet is called self-inductive paper, and the latter couplets are called ordinary carbonless paper.

The fourth carbonless paper

This kind of cash register paper consists of at least two layers or more, the first of which is printed with a dot matrix printer to develop color, but the latter several are printed with a dot matrix printer for pressure color development.

These four are commonly used in the market, and thermal printing paper is generally recommended, no printing consumables, carbon ribbon, ink, and smooth surface.

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