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Is it a problem of thermal paper that the cash register cannot print out the receipt?

Time : 2022-09-27 Hits : 7

Cash register plays a very important role in supermarket. If the cash register goes on strike, the whole supermarket will not work properly. However, in your daily life, do you often encounter the situation that the cash register cannot print out the receipt when you check out?

Generally speaking, there are two reasons why the cash register cannot print out the receipt. One is thermal paper, the other is cash register. Let's discuss these two issues!

1.What will happen to thermal paper?
Generally, the printing does not display color.

2. How to solve this problem?
First, confirm whether the purchased thermal paper is special thermal paper.
Judgment method: If you use nails or sharp objects to scratch on the paper, there will be black marks, as if it was written on white paper with a pencil. If there is a mark, it indicates that the thermal paper can be selected; otherwise, try to replace the thermal paper.

You cannot print out the details because the roller is not pressed on the thermal paper when the cash register is working. The normal inlet and outlet of thermal paper does not necessarily mean that the pressure of the cash register cylinder is normal. Disassemble the cash register and check whether the photosensitive drum is pressed on the thermal paper when the cash register is working. If the print head cannot touch the thermal paper, it will not help if it heats up, so the handwriting cannot be printed.

Both cases are related to printing paper. How does the cash register affect the printing of thermal paper?
In fact, the key is the type of cash register. If the cash register is in the form of ribbon, check whether the ribbon can be transmitted normally when the cash register is working. If not, try to replace it with a new one.

Many times, customers complain that the thermal paper is not easy to use and is not placed in the wrong direction. The paper will also touch the print head, but will not develop color. We usually recommend customers to check or replace the cash register ribbon, and then try to print. Generally, there will be no problems.

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