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How to tear off the strong adhesive label

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The strong label generally refers to the label with strong viscosity, which is generally used on some goods or on the wall hook, and can withstand relatively large pressure. Although the adhesive is relatively firm in the early stage, it is not so easy to tear it off without leaving traces. So, why is it difficult to tear off the strong label without leaving traces? Are there any useful methods?

To remove the label, we should first understand the composition of the label: generally, it is composed of substrate, tackifier, active diluent and antioxidant.

According to the different substrates, there are three main types: rubber base, polyolefin base and acrylate polymer base.

The tackifier resins mainly include rosin, rosin resin, terpene resin, petroleum resin, etc.

The active diluent generally selects the high alkane oil with good solubility, such as KN4010, white mineral oil, etc.

Antioxidants are mainly antioxidants.

Principle of label removal

According to the principle of polymer chemical isomorphism and phase solubility, the methods to remove labels are no more than dissolution and anti-adhesion.

Dissolution method is to dilute the base material or tackifier of the label with appropriate solvent, so that it can be easily separated from the adhesive object.

Anti-adhesion rule is to prevent the re-adhesion of labels by taking advantage of the characteristics that label components are incompatible with certain chemical agents

Tips for removing labels

Dissolution method:

1. Toothpaste
Apply the toothpaste evenly on the label surface, and wipe it with a towel after 5 minutes.
For places with more label marks, you can apply toothpaste twice to eliminate them.
The principle is that the toothpaste contains glycerin, which is a good solvent that can dissolve the label ingredients.
Many cosmetics also contain essential oils, which can also be used to remove the glue marks caused by sticking labels.

2. Soap
First tear off the label on the surface, soak the towel with hot water, and wipe the label mark repeatedly;
Then lather the wet and hot towel and wipe the traces several times;
Finally, clean the soap foam with a clean, damp and hot towel, and the label marks will be removed.

3. Nail remover
Many girls have nail remover. You can use any type of nail remover to easily remove the offset print.
Expired nail remover can also be used.
Use the same method to pour the nail remover onto the offset print to be removed, then stand for a while, and then wipe it with cosmetic cotton or non-woven cloth. It is especially suitable for removing the adhesive print on various bottles.

Anti-adhesion method:
Essential balm
You are not mistaken. It is the essential balm we use in summer. Just spread the essential balm to the place where the label is located, wait for 5 minutes, and then gently remove it with a blade.
In places where offset printing is serious, it can also be used with a hair dryer to get twice the result with half the effort.

Other methods:
1. Glass tile shovel
After decoration, people are often used to wiping offset printing with rags. The strong adhesion of offset printing is almost ineffective by rags, but professional glass tile shovels are easy to remove. The glass tile shovel is specially used to clean the stains on the glass and tile. In addition to offset printing, it can also remove sand and cement marks, and can also replace the blade, which is very practical.
2. Spray
It is a special glue remover spray, mainly composed of orange essential oil, which not only has good effect, but also does no harm to furniture.
The above is all the content. I hope my method can help you remove the strong label!
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