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How to stick self-adhesive without foaming

Time : 2022-10-25 Hits : 5

As we all know, self-adhesive labels are sticky, and bubbles are more likely to be generated during the labeling process, which directly affects the adhesive effect and externality of the label. Two common labeling issues and how to fix them are described below. They are: Clear film self-adhesive labels on clear bottles create air bubbles.
Factors leading to the generation of bubbles: the surface of the bottle body is not flat, there are small depressions, or the softness of the label stickers matches the bottle body, which will cause bubbles; the labeling method of the labeling machine matches the design of the bottle body, or the labeling method is not suitable, Air will remain in the label, resulting in air bubbles.


1. Transparent special self-adhesive labeling machine, the label adopts rubber scraper;

2. Use the material matching the bottle body material to print the bottle sticker;
Before labeling, check that the surface of the bottle mouth is flat. If leveling is not performed, the mold for the production of the bottle body should be leveled.

Problem two: Air bubbles are created when a large number of paper labels are applied to utensils like oil drums.

Causes of bubbles: The storage environment of the label is too different from the temperature and humidity in which it is located, which causes the label to absorb moisture quickly and generate bubbles. Or because the surface of the label sticker is uneven or has stains to produce blisters, the label is not firmly attached, causing bubbles.


1. Before labeling, place the label in the labeling environment for a period of time to balance the humidity with the environment;

2. Keep the surface of the labeling object dry and clean, and stick the labeling object firmly and firmly at the labeling place.

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