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How to solve common problems with printing paper

Time : 2023-03-03 Hits : 3

In order to better improve the printing effect, I believe that many people will focus on the adjustment of the printer, but few people will focus on the inconspicuous printing paper. So, let's start with the application and placement of A4 printing paper to suggest some operation skills to improve the printing effect!


1. Deal with the drying problem and improve the paper feeding efficiency:
If the paper is dry, the printer is particularly prone to common faults such as paper feeding during operation, which will affect the printing efficiency and even the printing effect. In order to better improve the efficiency of paper feeding and printing effect, we should adopt correct methods to deal with the drying of paper. When the paper surface is too dry, we can try to put the printing paper in a cool and humid environment for a short time, and then put it into the paper feeding system of the printer.

2. Handle the adhesion problem and prevent paper jam:
In addition to moisture, the printing paper may stick to each other. When the paper is placed in the carton for a long time and squeezed under the action of external force, it is also easy to produce adhesion. In order to better and effectively prevent paper jam, we must try to spread the adhesive paper, so that the printer is basically not prone to paper jam when feeding.

3. Deal with the phenomenon of thin and thick, and prevent paper feeding at the same time:
Generally, the weight of each printing paper should be between 60 g and 105 g. If the paper weight is not within this range, the paper is usually either too thick or too thin. When too thick printing paper is placed in the paper feed slot, it is very easy to cause paper jam in the printer and seriously reduce the printing effect. If it is serious, it may also cause mechanical damage and other adverse effects on the paper drive system of the printer; If the printing paper is too thin, the paper feeding system of the printer sometimes cannot roll in the paper normally, and sometimes it will roll in multiple copies at the same time.

Therefore, the quality of printing also depends on the quality of printing paper. If you want to buy qualified printing paper, you should identify Suzhou Guanhua paper factory, and use environment-friendly non-jamming paper. Welcome to contact us!

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