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How to prevent computer printing paper from getting wet

Time : 2022-05-13 Hits : 2

When the computer printing paper is damp, the fonts are prone to burrs and paper jams when the printer is printing. When the paper is pulled out, it is found that the A4 paper is soft and has no stiffness, which will affect the printing effect and damage the equipment.

★Choose high-grade all-wood pulp paper. The high-grade all-wood pulp paper is superior to low-grade paper in terms of processing technology, sizing degree and moisture resistance, and the quality of use is relatively good.

★Please do not put different grammage and brand of computer printing paper in one paper feeder at the same time.

★For the computer printing paper added to the paper box, please unpack the computer printing paper first to check whether the paper is dry and clean, and repeatedly flip and straighten the computer printing paper to prevent the paper from sticking. inside the box.

★The paper in the paper supply box cannot exceed the height allowed by the printer copier. For details, please refer to the printer copier user manual.

★In order to keep the paper dry, a box of desiccant can be placed in the paper supply box of the printer copier.

★The paper that has been damp is temporarily sealed and deactivated, and it will be taken out and used when the humidity is lower and the temperature is higher.

Computer printing paper storage instructions:

★Computer printing paper should be stored flat in the packing box or in a special drying cabinet, and kept ventilated and dry. The storage and use environment is suitable: temperature 20-25 ℃; relative humidity 35-55%.

★Do not unpack the computer printing paper before use. In the use environment with poor temperature and humidity conditions, the computer printing paper that has not been used once should be put back in the packaging bag for storage, and you should take as much as you can.

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