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How to install ECG paper

Time : 2023-04-20 Hits : 8

An electrocardiogram is a common medical examination method, and electrocardiograms are often required. Proper installation of ECG charts is critical to ensure the accuracy and reliability of examination results. The following describes the installation method of ECG drawings.

First, choose the correct ECG drawing. Electrocardiographs of different models and brands need to use ECG drawings of corresponding specifications. When purchasing ECG charts, you should pay attention to choosing ECG charts that match the equipment you use. Usually the EKG drawing will mark its brand, model and size and other information.

Second, get your tools ready. Use pliers or gloves to install the ECG paper so as not to damage the surface of the paper. At the same time, in order to avoid electrostatic interference during installation, it is recommended to clean your hands before installation.

Next, turn on the EKG machine and locate the paper tray. Open the paper tray and remove the original paper roll. Insert the new ECG paper from the ECG paper roll according to the direction of the arrow to ensure that the paper is flat and tightly fitted.

Finally, test whether the ECG chart is installed successfully. Before the official ECG examination, it is recommended to conduct a test to ensure that the paper installation is accurate. The test method is to adjust the electrocardiograph to a low speed state, and observe whether the standardized marking lines and alphanumeric information are output on the electrocardiogram drawing.

It should be noted that the ECG drawing is a relatively fragile material, and excessive force or stretching should be avoided during installation to avoid damage. At the same time, check whether there are abnormalities on the surface of the paper, such as stains, creases, etc., before official use.

To sum up, the method of installing ECG drawings is simple and easy, but it is also necessary to pay attention to the use of ECG drawings of corresponding specifications for different types of ECG machines, and the correct use of tools to avoid damage to the paper. The accuracy and reliability of ECG results can be ensured only if the ECG chart is installed correctly.

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