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How to identify the storage time of thermal paper?

Time : 2022-07-01 Hits : 8

With the increasing popularity of thermal paper in supermarket shopping, the storage time of thermal paper has become another big confusing question for people; there are very few relevant authoritative information, here I will give you the storage time of thermal paper. A simple popularization.

The protective coating on thermal paper plays a key role in the storage time after printing; under natural conditions, the coating can absorb part of the light that causes the thermal coating to react chemically, thereby slowing down the deterioration time of the printing paper . If the protective coating on the paper surface of the thermal paper is not uniform, the protection of the thermal coating will be reduced, which will also reduce the storage time of the thermal paper.

This does not mean that thermal paper cannot have a long shelf life; in fact, good thermal paper can be stored for several years after printing, but if the formulation of thermal paper coating is unreasonable or the storage method is wrong, It can only be stored for a few months.

If you urgently need to know how long the thermal paper you hold can be stored, then here, the editor will teach you a simple and effective way to identify the storage time of thermal paper - identification by natural light exposure, this method operates It is very simple, just apply different printed papers with the same highlighter and expose them to the sun naturally. Eventually, they will all turn black. The longer it takes to turn black, the longer the thermal paper will be stored. will be longer.

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