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How to ensure the quality of receipt printing products

Time : 2022-04-15 Hits : 5

Receipt printing products are widely used in financial, warehouse management and other systems. Most of the related printing products such as various reimbursement documents are receipt printing products. When users of many receipt printing products choose products, Will attach great importance to the quality of products, then, as a bill printing manufacturer, how can we better ensure the quality of bill printing products?

First of all, the production of receipt printing products should pay special attention to the selection of printing paper, because the printing paper used for receipt printing products is quite different from other printing products. In general, the printing paper used for receipt printing is mostly thick There are certain requirements above, and printing paper with thinner thickness is usually selected for receipt printing. This type of printing paper is more suitable for the production and printing of receipt printing products. Only suitable printing paper can meet the product quality requirements.

Secondly, there is another problem in bill printing that needs special attention, that is, most bill printing products are double, triple or quadruple or even five or six. Make sure the alignment of the bills in each section ensures that when the dot matrix printer prints the bills, the position between each section can be accurately recorded to the corresponding position, otherwise there will be a phenomenon of shifting, such a product belongs to the product Quality issues.

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