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How to distinguish single proof and three proof thermal paper?

Time : 2022-03-14 Hits : 8

The difference between single sheet and three-proof thermal paper
The single proof of thermal paper is waterproof, which belongs to thermal paper of general material. Three-proof thermal paper is waterproof, oil-proof and alcohol-proof.

Single anti-thermal paper self-adhesive label
Made of ordinary paper material, it is only waterproof and can be stored for about 8 months at room temperature. The surface is white and clean, and can be printed out clearly. It can be used for simple waterproofing. It is widely used in general retail, barcode Printing, logistics and other fields, and the price is cheap. This material is not suitable for prolonged use as it will yellow and fade.

Test: Scrape the paper quickly and hard with your fingernail. If the single release liner is thinly coated, it will leave deep black scratches.

Three-proof thermal paper self-adhesive label
Using high-quality paper special surface material, waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof, strong anti-scratch ability, can be stored for about 2 years, with three-proof functions (waterproof, oil-proof, alcohol-proof). It is widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, electronic scales, papermaking, clothing, international logistics and other fields, with long storage time, especially in fruit supermarkets and places where fresh food is sold.

Test: Scrape the paper quickly and hard with your fingernail. The coating of the three-proof paper is relatively thick, the surface is like a layer of wax, and the scratches are not obvious.

In addition, the three-proof thermal paper is made of hot melt adhesive, which has good initial viscosity and can be applied to some label substrates with uneven surfaces. Relatively speaking, the water glue of single-proof thermal paper has another advantage, that is, there is not so much residue after pasting, and customers can choose labels according to actual needs.

A brief introduction to the characteristics of three-proof thermal paper self-adhesive labels

1. Tear resistance
Ordinary labels will be broken when torn, and three-proof thermal paper self-adhesive labels are not easy to tear.
2. Not afraid of scratching
Ordinary labels will have traces when scratched like carbon paper. Three-proof thermal paper self-adhesive labels are made of synthetic paper, which is not easy to fade and more wear-resistant.

3. No ink needed
Adds heat sensitive coating and protective layer evenly to label stock and prints without ink.

4. Strong viscosity
Using water glue, the product is firmly bonded, and there is no need to worry about the label paper falling off.

5. Complete specifications
Label size is complete, 20-50mm, widely used in logistics, factories, shops, supermarkets, hospitals and other fields.

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